Hiking in the forest of Fontainebleau

A unique forest worth protecting

500 km of marked trails, 1,600 km of forest trails, more than 22,000 hectares to explore with 5,685 different types of plants and 6,600 different animal species!

The Fontainebleau forest is the second largest forest in France. It has been recognized as a “Forêt d‘Exception” (“exceptional forest”) and is also a natural reserve. Its biodiversity and unique landscapes make it a remarkable natural heritage site. Colossal trees, strangely shaped cliffs, temporary sandstone ponds, gorges, ponds, meadows and sandy dunes attract tourists, athletes, hikers, and artists every year.

The gorges of Franchard and Apremont, the rocks of the Éléphant and the Dame Jouanne in Larchant, the Denecourt tower with its panorama view or the white “sandy sea” of the Cul-du-Chien are all sights that you should not miss. And there is much more to see!

The “blue paths” (Sentiers bleus) were in 1842 the first hiking trails in the world to be marked. Since then, Fontainebleau has been an excellent place for outdoor activities and the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. Here you can go bouldering, walking, hiking, explore the forest paths, go cycling, horseback riding, try out dog sledding or just get some fresh air and recharge your batteries.