Regional nature park Gâtinais

A paradise for nature lovers

The Gâtinais Regional Nature Park extends over 69 municipalities and offers a variety of different landscapes from fields to woodlands to forests (more than a third of the area). The river Seine and three others flow through the park and is known as “the land of a thousand glades and sandstone”. Its subsoil consists mainly of sand which favours the cultivation of medicinal plants and malt barley. Tourists, campers, and sports enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful landscapes and many activities like exploring nature, discovering the culture and history or admiring local traditions. Hikers and athletic people will never get bored here. In the Gâtinais Nature Park, hikes and discovery tours are organized for walkers, horse-riders and cyclists of every age and experience level.

The campground Ile de Boulancourt is one of the “Valeurs Parc naturel régional du Gâtinais français” (value ambassadors of the regional nature park Gâtinais) and is committed to the environmental protection of the park in terms of sustainable development. The park Gâtinais is also a paradise for bees which provide the unforgettable taste of the regionally produced Gâtinais-honey!